During the year hundreds of Olim chadashim come to Harish. This process of transition to a new country is never easy, especially from the economic, social and linguistic point of view.

Olim find a set of dynamic services at their disposal to help them establish their lives in Harish. The Municipal Department of Klitat Aliah centralizes all the activity carried out in the various departments of the Municipality, related to the integration of the Olim.

Our department deals with a wide range of activities, social services, cultural, leisure, and courses in a variety of subjects. Making it easier to find special projects for children and young people to reinforce their studies as well as for all sorts of social activities.

Mercaz Chavayah Beivrit

Мирказ Хавая бе-иврит

Hebrew Studies Center for children up to 6th Grade. At the Center children participate in various activities,  games and challenges while learning Hebrew through an open and welcoming environment.


Mercaz Lemida

Мирказ лемида

Is a study center which provides children and young people with learning assistance in Hebrew and individual help with studies in general.
This center is in collaboration with a preparatory program for the army in Harish.


Ulpan Latino

Ulpan Latino

Ulpan operated by a Spanish-speaking volunteer for retirees.


Ulpan Po-Russki

Ulpan Latino

Hebrew course for Russian-speaking retirees.



Harish Municipality and the Department of Immigrant Absorption invite you to register for a summer Ulpan course for olim-children in preparation for promotion to first grade. 



Information and support services

Conferences and Workshops
During the year, meetings are held whose purpose is to help the Olim in their adaptation to the country and in the realization of their rights.

Arnona 90% discount
Discount for the first 100 square meters of housing for the first period of one year for the first two years in Israel.

Employment and Training
Comprehensive and professional help, including accompaniment in the first steps in th search for new employment, professional training and other courses.

Accompaniment to the Olé
To facilitate absorption in the city, the authority provides accompaniment for the Olim in the initial stages. Assistance with the children registration in educational institutions, registration in the ulpan, information on contact with government ministries and more.

Leisure and Community

Social Activities for different ages
Each of the different communities in Harish meet several times a year in activities for children, youth and adults.

The Harish International Festival
A great annual festival that provides a stage for the rich cultures from which the city's olim came from. The Festival includes exhibitions by Olim artists, Theater Works, meetings, joint refections and other events.

'Manhigut olim'
Project that facilitates the Olim the development their skills and promote their leadership in the various areas of the Local Municipality, contributing to the community participation of the new Olim, improving the social climate and reinforcing mutual responsibility, good practices and relations between the inhabitants of the city.

Общество и досуг